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Editorial Welcome

By Mona Pelkey

Dear Readers,
As the academic year draws to a close, many of us look backward and take stock of our accomplishments even as we look forward to forthcoming opportunities. As your editor for the past three years, I feel proud as I look back on our accomplishments here at The Learning Center Exchange. Our authors have, month after month, shared their ideas and expertise with colleagues across the U.S. by publishing articles in this venue. We have received feedback from numerous readers, indicating that they look forward to each issue because the information disseminated here is helpful to them as they strive to improve their practices. Perhaps most rewarding is knowing that, through our efforts, each of us truly has made a difference in the lives of students and one another...

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In the Spotlight: How Attitudes Affect Grades

By Dennis Congos, University of Central Florida

Humor Column

By Barbara McLay

English courses think it is more important to teach students about Shakespeare or the Odyssey. Yeah that is what I really need to know something about. I tell you what, maybe some day I can write some poems on my memos. Wonder if they will get a kick out of it or think I’m some kind of weirdo. I think we can all pick the ladder on that one. [He meant latter, but I thought maybe this was some new slang expression]

Writing a Living Will will help the life of patients from the risk of being dead when it is not necessary...
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In the most simple sense, it appears an attitude is some state of mind about an object, fact or situation. Since attitudes are revealed through our behavior, the way we behave lets others know our state of mind about something. It was once believed that attitudes were unchangeable and once acquired, we were stuck with them. Now we know this is not true. Psychologists say...
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Understanding Today’s Students
It’s Working Time, Oh Yeah!

By Julianne Scibetta-Messia

Twenty-first Century Safety: Learning Center Preparedness

By Michael Ruwe, University of North Carolina Wilmington


It’s job hunting season for new graduates, for those who didn’t leave college with a contract or with plans to continue their education in graduate school. And as my local TV news has been telling me lately, in this economy the jobs just aren’t there for young, fresh graduates full of debt, idealism, and enthusiasm. Baby boomers are working longer – in part because their health is better than the previous generations’, but perhaps because the pensions aren’t there, or their retirement savings aren’t enough. So while a demand for fresh blood was all the talk around the turn of the century, those waves of openings for new workers just didn’t come to pass for as long as expected...
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It is that time of year when learning center administrators begin to think about the Fall semester. That said, I have mixed emotions as I begin this essay about learning center preparedness: sad that it is necessary; apprehensive that I am able to do something; certain that I must. Perhaps by the end I will have found, if not a solution, then a sense of preparation...
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Reader, Coach, Evaluator:
an Integrated Model for Responding
to the Writing of International Students

By Toni Alazraki


In her article, “Coaching from the Margins: Issues in Written Response,” Ilona Leki, Professor of English and director of ESL at the University of Tennessee, writes about three roles that writing teachers assume when they give feedback to students on their writing: reader, coach, and evaluator. She speaks of some of the challenges teachers face in integrating the three personalities. This prompted me to think of ways that might facilitate this integration. And because many students at our university are speakers of other languages, this article focuses on ways this integration could improve responses to their writing. The first step is to think about how the three roles interface....
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