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Editorial Welcome

By Mona Pelkey, United States Military Academy, West Point

Happy Spring!

Mid-semester grades, like crocuses on the lawn, pop up, grab our attention for a few days, and then fade from sight. The ebb and flow of student traffic and the operational tempo at the learning center reflects this phenomenon. Suddenly, students are literally coming out of the woodwork, desperately needing our assistance to finish that critical paper, or pass the exam that will (hopefully) raise that failing grade. Learning assistance professionals to the rescue, once again!

We have some great tips for you this month, and we hope you find them useful in your practice. Be sure to check out "How will you help…Marcus?" in ...
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In the Spotlight: How do I end this thing?

By Kyle Cushman, Vermont College of Union Institute and University

Understanding Millennials: Wait, Don't Tell Me

Julianne Scibetta, Albany College of Pharmacy

You might have noticed an article in The Chronicle a few weeks ago regarding "disengaged students." These students are sitting quietly in their classes, not asking questions, tuning out instead to their technology, to television, to cell phones. These same students sit not so quietly, or passively, in the library; they connect to one another, engage in conversation, and build social relationships, yet they ignore the costliest one of all - the relationship with...
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People like closure. Imagine if a friend just hung up the phone in the middle of a conversation. Or if you were watching a movie and the DVD malfunctioned just before the end. Chances are you might feel unsettled, let down, frustrated, and even a bit dazed. You might ask, "What just happened? What was that about? What am I supposed to think now?"...
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How Would You Help This Student?

By Mona Pelkey, United States Military Academy, West Point

Marcus is a second-semester freshman, and by anyone's standards, he is a "good" student. He has referred himself to the learning center because he says he needs help in figuring out what he is doing wrong. He reports that he works hard and studies...
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The 5 Types of Studying

By Dennis Congos, University of Central Florida

Many learners don't realize that there are 5 Types of Studying needed for academic success. As a result, many learners are not able to use their full potential to learn and earn higher grades. Using the 5 types has the advantage of keeping studying time to a minimum to earn whatever grades for which one chooses to work. The 5 Types of Studying are most effective when used regularly from the day of the 1st assignment or lecture in each class...
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Compiled by Julianne Scibetta, Albany College of Pharmacy

Answers to last month's puzzles:
1. The name of the referee is your name, since you are the referee!
2. If the elixir worked, the earthenware jug would be gold.
3. The musicians played the national anthems for both Italy and Russia (and Germany, and the US, and Sweden, etc.) at the Olympic Games this year.

This month brought the most entries to the brainteasers than ever before!
A hearty congratulation to Marilyn Leach from Southwest Minnesota State University for correct answers to all three brainteasers!
Bruce Epps from Capital University came in second with two correct answers. Honorable mentions are owed to Peggy Underwood of Grace College and Dee Bost of Harding University for their correct answers to one brainteaser each.
Thanks for your entries!

This month's teasers: Beware the ides of March!
You'll be springing your clocks ahead before you know it! April 2nd, to be exact.
Let's warm you up for the warmer days ahead!

1. April Fool: What can be seen in the middle of March and April that cannot be seen at the beginning or end of either month?
2. Knotty Problem: How can you tie a knot in a piece of string without letting go of either of the ends?
3. Clockwise: If a clock takes 2 seconds to strike 2 o'clock, how long will it take to strike 3 o'clock?
Send your best guesses to jscibetta3@hotmail.com by March 31!

Puzzles provided by I.Q. Challenge: The Lateral Thinking Game, a trademark of the Lagoon Trading Company Ltd. Lagoon 2001.

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