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Welcome to the February 2006 issue of the new Learning Center Exchange!

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Editorial Welcome

By Mona Pelkey, United States Military Academy, West Point

Dear Learning Center Exchange Readers,
When I think of exchanges in February, the first thing that comes to mind is, of course, Valentines. Our Valentine to you is this issue, which is truly a labor of love on the part of our authors and support staff!

In addition to our always-wonderful articles, I am proud to announce the reactivation of the discussion forum that Mon Nasser first activated in November 2003. Now renamed the Learning Center Exchange forum, this online venue provides a forum for Learning Center Exchange readers to discuss all sorts of topics. The case studies we previously published as interactive articles titled, "How Would You Help This Student?" are now published as discussion topics on this forum...
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In the Spotlight: Understanding Millennials - Spend As You Learn

By Julianne Scibetta, Albany College of Pharmacy

The Indispensable Importance of Setting Goals in College

By Dennis Congos, University of Central Florida

National College Learning Center Association has an editorial opening!

Setting and achieving goals are overall the most underestimated skills for success in college. Often the results of poor goal setting and achievement skills are low motivation, lack of direction, and performance below one's potential. Other outcomes are often unnecessarily low grades, frustration, discouragement, and sometimes leaving college...
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"A penny saved is a rarity in US." That was the headline last week greeting me and my bowl of vitamin-enriched cereal and low-fat milk. Considering our vast amount of wealth in this country, this seemed a bit surprising to me. I'm no pinchpenny but I would think any rational person would want some kind of emergency ...
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How Would You Help This Student?

By Mona Pelkey, United States Military Academy, West Point

The interactive feature "How Would You Help This Student," which highlights case studies, has now moved to the Learning Center Exchange online discussion forum. Check it out by clicking on the link below...
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Openings: Writing Effective Introductions

By Kyle Cushman, Vermont College of Union Institute and University

Working Full-Time While Pursuing an Advanced Degree Online: 10 Tips for Surviving, Even Thriving, in Your Program

By Mona Pelkey, United States Military Academy, West Point

Would you buy a box of cereal with just a plain tan box cover and no information about what was inside? Or would you pick the cereal with the picture of the waving wheat field on the front, the morning sun just peeking over the horizon, and the words "100% natural whole grains" in the top right-hand corner? Of course...
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In March 2004, I began a full-time, online doctoral program in higher education leadership, and I am currently completing the comprehensives examination phase of the program. I would like to share some survival tips for anyone who is considering pursuing an advanced degree online, while continuing a full-time job...
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Compiled by Julianne Scibetta, University at Albany

I apologize for my long absence!

Answers for December 2005

Thanks to the enthusiasm for December's puzzle entries! I had some great explanations. Congratulations to Reese Yontz of Jackson State Community College as the puzzler with the most correct answers (including TreeTent)! Thanks also to the staff at Hawaii Community College, including Guy Kimura and Warren Walker, for sharing with me your thoughts about the $25 hotel!

  1. The $25 Hotel: The addition and subtraction just doesn't seem to add up in this one. The actual hotel rate is $25, not $30, so the manager returns the $5. The bellboy gives back $1 to each of the three tenants and keeps $2 for himself. Where is the extra dollar? When the bellboy returns the money, each person has then paid $27 for the room. Since the room costs $25, there are only $2 extra, which the bellboy keeps.

  2. Would you rather have a crocodile attack you or an alligator? Personally, I'd have the crocodile attack the alligator. :)

  3. Tree-Tent: Email me if you need a graphic! Thanks!

February's Puzzles - Let the Games Begin!

  1. Soccer Crazy - You are refereeing a soccer match between two teams, the Red City Rovers and the Blue City Wanderers. Four of the 22 players on the field are called Kevin, one in the red team and three in the blue team. Three of the players are called Dick, two in the blue team and one in the red team, and both goalkeepers are called John. What is the referee's name?

  2. Tempting Offer - Legend has it that a rich but wicked man in ancient Greece once offered a poor beggar an earthenware jug containing a sweet-smelling liquid that the wicked man swore would turn everything it came into contact with into pure gold. Why was the poor beggar not deceived?

  3. Conflicting Allegiance - Who played for both Italy and Russia at the Olympic Games in the same year?

This month's puzzles from I.Q. Challenge: The Lateral Thinking Game, a trademark of the Lagoon Trading Company Ltd. Lagoon 2001.

Email your answers to Julianne (jscibetta3@hotmail.com) before February 28, 2006!

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