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November 2003 Issue

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We're back!

The LCN has been out for a few months.  My thanks to all those who emailed to inquire about its absence.  The absence was caused by technical issues and time restraints.  The home computer I used to generate the newsletter crashed and I lost all my files, including the LCN files.  After getting a new PC and installing the necessary software, I  tried to download the files from the newsletter's web site.  However, I was not able to get in the site.  After contacting the host company, it turned out that they have moved the newsletter to new server and did not set the password!  Resolving these issues took time, and my spare time was scarce in the past couple of months.  I moved to a house (you all know the time required for that), and I spent a lot of time on business trips that took me from Miami to Clovis, New Mexico!  

This situation drove me to think that it would be good to have a backup person that can take care of the LCN when I am not able to do so.  Anyone interested in becoming a co-editor?  All you need is a some expertise with Microsoft FrontPage, good organizational skills, and some spare time every month.  Let me know if you are interested.  Also, if you are interested in writing a regular column for the LCN, please contact me.


New LCN Discussion Forum!

Ever feel like discussing an article you read on the LCN with your peers?  Do you need another point of view on an issue with your learning center?  Or perhaps you just need to share your thanksgiving plans with us?  Now you can easily do so with the new LCN on-line message board.  This board is easy to use and offers some nice features, including text formatting and images, a message assistant, a calendar, posting notifications, and a lot more.  Surprisingly, the old board had a lot of visits with over 150 views per message.  However, it was not easy to use.  This problem is now solved, so go and post!  You can visit the LCN Discussion Forum here:  http://www.learningassistance.com/forums

Enjoy the new issue.

~ Mon Nasser, Editor


Why A Grade Of 90 Percent Can Mean Failure? By Gary Probst.  
Student Study Skills Tips Positive Reflections! by Robin York.
Management Strategies and Tips Passionate Work by Jan Norton.
2003 Learning Support Center Website Awards By Frank Christ  
Internet Resource of the Month Purdue University's on-line Academic Success Center by Pat Gottschalk
Thinking processes, reverse engineering and external representations in the generation and application of stress models By Lorraine Cleeton
The Pleasure of Attention. By Deborah Simpson
Conferences. Upcoming learning-assistance conferences.
On the Lighter Side Amazing Brain!
Quotes Quotes by Confucius, Emerson, Wilde, Benjamin Franklin and others.
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