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November 2002 Issue

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Editorial Notes:

This issue is packed with excellent articles, including the first management tip from Jan Norton, a special article on tests by Dennis Congos, an article by Gary Probst on using POI, a new study skills tip by Robin York, and a study skills resource by Lucy MacDonald (Lucy sent this article from Australia)!

The opportunity is now open to those of you who want to join the LCN team.  We are looking for people to take over the following columns:

bulletInternet Resource of the Month: reviews web sites of interest to learning assistance professionals.
bulletOnline Success: On-line study / tutoring tips.
bulletComputer Tip of the Month: A tip on computer applications or hardware (Windows, Word, etc.)

It does not take a lot of time to write an article, and you only need to do it once a month.  The article will give you national exposure - the LCN has over 600 subscribers from learning centers across the US.  Many of our readers reprint the articles in their own publications giving authors even greater exposure.  For more info or to sign up as an LCN columnist, email me.

~ Mon Nasser, Editor


Using The Personal Orientation Inventory (POI) To Measure Psychological Attributes That Prevent Academic Success By Gary Probst.  
Student Study Skills Tips Smart Lecture Notes by Robin York
Management Strategies and Tips Beliefs & Actions by Jan Norton
New Study Skills Resource By Lucy Tribble MacDonald
Playing the “Game” of Test By Dennis Congos
MS Word Tip Highlighting Paragraphs
Conferences. Upcoming learning-assistance conferences.
On the Lighter Side Tip!
Quotes. Quotes from Muhammad Ali, Aristotle, and others.
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