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Readers' Comments


Here are some comments from readers of the Learning Center Exchange (formerly known as the Learning Center Newsletter (LCN)):

"I really enjoyed reading it--It's one of the only things I thought worth reading!" B. G. , Owens Community College

"Thank you for all the very helpful issues. I've saved many articles and used many ideas" K. B., Iowa Wesleyan College

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. The articles in this month's newsletters were so beneficial and timely. Keep up the good work!" L. S. , Northwest Missouri State University

"I thoroughly enjoy receiving the LC Newsletter" D. L., Miami Dade College

"A great newsletter. I shared several articles from the November issue with my colleagues and some excellent discussion followed." B. M., Learning skills Adviser, Charles Sturt University, Australia.

"Congratulations!!! Mon Nasser. I just love this newsletter, and I am very grateful to all the authors of such wonderful, useful, thoughtful articles. Please keep up this good work for the benefit of all of us in need of great ideas on how to help students achieve their academic goals." S. A., Academic Coach, The University of Texas at San Antonio

"I have used LCN frequently ever since I became Reading Consultant in the Reading and Writing Center. You did a GREAT job keeping us sorted out and informed!!" S. S. , Westfield State College

"Thanks for your efforts. I enjoyed the Learning Center Newsletter and found it to be very useful" B. M. , Chestnut Hill College

"I started working here in 2001, so I'm relatively new to the field, and I have found online resources such as the LCN tremendously helpful" A. K. , Selkirk College

"I was intrigued by your newsletter- I recently found out about it from a coworker" S. B. , Antelope Valley College

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the various articles. I want to be able to learn little bits of information, such as reading two documents at once via Word. Without your posting the information, it is doubtful that I would have stumbled upon it. Thank you kindly." C. S. , Grambling State University

"I was thrilled to see this newsletter in my email this Monday morning. Thanks to all the volunteers!" J. K. Mount, Wachusett Community College

"I'm thrilled you're back! I use so many of your ideas in my work...and I love your new look! Thanks."   S. O , Ohio State-Newark Campus

"Wonderful revitalized newsletter !!!! Excellent resource, as was the first one, and now, with even more input from additional colleagues, we can share with focus and breadth ! Thanks for pulling this together!" D. A. , Bridgewater State College

"Thank you! I'm glad you're back (and partnering with NCLCA) and I really appreciate the wonderful articles in this issue. Very helpful." L. S. , Wingate University

"Thanks for sending this newsletter." M. S. , Creighton University

"Great articles! Thanks." , J. M., West Virginia University-Parkersburg

"You have done it again. The November issue is informative, well-written and designed, and useful for all learning support center personnel. Thank You." F.C., University of Arizona

"The conciseness of the newsletter is quite beneficial, because it still contains a wealth of information without sacrificing content. I enjoy the management tips; these are applicable to so many situations."

"The newsletter makes me feel connected to others in similar positions."

"I enjoy reading and finding out what is happening."

"I especially appreciate all the software tips."

"I share the newsletter with all our tutors - must read for them."

"I have been reading your online newsletter for about a year, and I really look forward to every new issue. There's always something I can use."


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