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February 2005 Issue

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From the Editor

It's been a while since we published an issue of the LCN.  The reason is the lack of time - both for me and the other writers.  As a result, this will be the final issue I produce.  If you like this newsletter and would like it to continue, contact me.  If we get enough people to volunteer to take on the tasks of writing articles and editing the newsletter, then it can continue.  AccuTrack will still sponsor the LCN by providing web hosting and membership services, but the actual writing and editing of the issues need to be done by new people.  

The LCN had a great run.  We had over fourteen hundred subscriptions - impressive when you consider that these represent about as many learning centers.  Our first issue was released in February of 2000.  Since then we were fortunate to have great and well-known leaders in the  learning assistance field contribute the the LCN.  These include Frank L. Christ, Lucy MacDonald, Gary Probst, Robin York, Jan Norton, Pat Gottschalk, Barbara Stout, Jeanne Wiatr, Tracey A. Stuckey-Mickell, Susan Palau, Dennis H. Congos, and others.  Most of the articles in the newsletter are timeless and would benefit future readers too, so we are keeping the articles available via the LCN web site

Remember that you can use the LCN articles in your own academic publications (e.g. center's newsletter or website, orientation material, etc.)  Also, you can  place links to the LCN articles on your website.  For an updated index of past articles (including this issue's articles), click here.  See the Citation Info for the details on using the articles in your publications.

Finally, I would like to thank all those who contributed to the Learning Center Newsletter, and thank you for reading it.  

Enjoy the new issue!

~ Mon Nasser
   LCN Editor.



Special farewell offer to our readers Try AccuTrack for an entire semester for free.
Mentoring Mentoring: Bridging Cultural Gaps to a Successful College Career.
A Tale of Two Students By Andra L. Dorlac.
Note Organization Formats That Inhibit or Promote Learning  By Dennis H. Congos.
Software Pick Anti spy software for your computer
Conferences Upcoming learning-assistance conferences.
On the Lighter Side Disorder in Courts!
Quotes Quotes by Aristotle, Warren Buffett, Muhammad Ali, Napoleon Hill, and many others!
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