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March 2004 Issue

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Internet Resource of the Month

By Pat Gottschalk, Learning Skills Instructor, USAFA

Email: Pat.Gottschalk@usafa.af.mil

March's featured website is developed and maintained by the Academic Resource Center of Utah State University (www.usu.edu/arc/index.htm).

The home page is clean and simple, and the directory straightforward.  I like a site that's easy on the eyes, and this site qualifies, even as a user navigates all the links.  Another easy feature is the static position of the directory.  It always appears to the left of the page, ready to take a user forward or home, no matter what page is currently open.  While there are several links to services available to Utah State students only (workshops, tutoring, and such) the two links most appropriate for our purposes are the "Idea Sheets" and the "Online Learning Center".  Again, both links are easy on the eye, no clutter, as well as easy to navigate once in the site itself.  The "Idea Sheets" page lists help and advice for note-taking and listening and memory improvement, as well as several other study skills categories.  An added (and nice feature) on this link is a Financial Management category, with sub-headings like Balancing a Checkbook and Budgeting.  The "Online Learning Center" provides a wealth of (online) workshops, assessment tools, and outside web links.  A user can view on-line study skills videos (I played two on my computer to check access), read various study guides, and travel to other university-featured study skills websites.  Again, so easy on the eyes, so little clutter, and so easy to use.  This site offers clear links, easy navigation, and useful resources.  Kudos to the webmaster, who keeps this site updated - last done just one month ago. 

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