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April 2004 Issue

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By Pat Gottschalk, Learning Skills Instructor, USAFA

Email: Pat.Gottschalk@usafa.af.mil

The web site reviewed for April is at www.uni.edu/walsh/linda7.html While maintained and sponsored by The University of Northern Iowa, its title says it all: "SITES (emphasis mine) to Promote Academic Success". Running directly down the center of the page is a listing of academic success tips from universities and community colleges around the country, even included are two publisher sites. A sampling of the list has Texas A & M's ABC Method of Time Management, Elmhurst College's Note-Taking site, Memory Principles from Middle Tennessee State, and St. Benedict/St. John's effective study techniques for essay tests. An "anthology" site such as this can be helpful, not just for the individual information listed, but for other academic success information. Most of the listed sites (though not all) also offered the user the option of linking to a particular school's learning center homepage. From there, the entire offering of that learning (or academic success) center was available for a user to browse. (Sadly, not all sites listed were available to me when accessed, some returned as "page [or file] not found", but they were few in number. And, since I work from an Air Force Academy computer, that may simply be the result of our firewalls rather than the site itself.) While there are no specific divisions on the "Sites..." page, it's easy-to-read and uncluttered, and scrolling down the list to find the exact study skills help takes very little time. The page was last up-graded last summer, but considering its purpose and where the links take the browser, I didn't consider that an issue. Bottom line, a great "sampling of sites" for both the casual and the specific purpose user.

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