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Spice Up Your Web Site!  A tip from an LCN Reader

Last month one of our readers requested permission to link to one of the LCN articles on her learning center's web site.  This is a terrific idea for spicing up any learning center web site - simply include links to your favorite LCN articles.  To find articles that would benefit and interest your students or learning center staff, visit the updated LCN Articles Index by clicking here.



Sleep and Problem Solving!   By Gary Probst.  
Student Study Skills Tips Listening and being "really present” in class by Robin York.
Management Strategies and Tips Communication Connections by Jan Norton.
Learning Technology Part 2: Using Information Literacy for Computer Research Success by Tracey A. Stuckey-Mickell
Internet Resource of the Month Learning Strategies Database by Pat Gottschalk
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Complimentary Summer Semester Use of AccuTrack.

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On the Lighter Side Improving the English Language!
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