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March 2003 Issue

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By Pat Gottschalk, Learning Skills Instructor, USAFA

Email: Pat.Gottschalk@usafa.af.mil

My featured on-line learning assistance web-site for March is found at www.ulc.arizona.edu; run by the University of Arizona's University Learning Center. While certain segments of this site are available only to U. of A. students, it has a lot of great links accessible to outside users that definitely make it worth a look. There is a "Quick Links" column which has a click-on grade calculator, a drop-in tutor link, and access to a variety of workshops offered on-line. The workshops themselves have a "notebook" appearance and provide information on topics such as time management or memory techniques in an easy-to-read, easy-click format. Another great feature on the "Workshops" page is a list of workshop reference material, with titles like "8-day study plan", "Breakdown and achieve goals - an example", and "Suggestions for computational exams". Within the Graduation Preparation category, there are outside links that take you directly to the GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, and TOEFL web sites. Another category you might want to browse is a self-assessment link, with features like a Learning Style Profile and a Motivated Strategies for Learning questionnaire. If you want to see everything the Learning Center offers at a glance, rather than clicking on each category separately, there is a "site map" link at the bottom of the home page which lists everything in alphabetical order for quick reference. The entire site is easy to navigate and has a "clean" appearance that makes it easy on the eye - even with all the information provided. It does exactly what its home page lead-in quote says it does, "Preparing Independent, Effective, Life-Long Learners".


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