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September 2002 Issue

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After many months of work, Engineerica is pleased to announce the release of AccuTrack 7.  Here are some of the highlights of this latest release:


Program Assessment.


Tutor Rating module.


Automatic appointment reminders via email.


An Appointments Wizard.


Multi-lab sign-in support.


Cancellations and no-shows tracking.


Positive hours support.


Over a dozen new reports, including Weekly Attendance and Center Summary.


And much, much more.

In celebration of this release, Engineerica is offering learning assistance professionals the opportunity to try AccuTrack for 45 days without any obligation or cost! Follow these steps to get your copy:

  1. Request to evaluate the software by filling out this web form:     http://www.accutrack.org/download/download_request.htm

  2. Download the software and install it.

  3. Enjoy a 45-day evaluation period.  You can use this time to learn about the software first hand.  The evaluation software includes sample test data of over 5,000 students.  Use this data to generate reports and see what you get out of the software.  If you like, you can even delete the sample data and setup the software and use it for actual usage at your center.  If after the trial you decide to order the software, you can use the data you collected during the evaluation period with the purchased version without having to duplicate data entry.

Note:  Even if you downloaded a previous version of AccuTrack before, You can still download and use AccuTrack 7 evaluation software. 

For a tour of AccuTrack 7, visit its updated web site here:   http://www.accutrack.org


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