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National Tutoring Week

National Tutoring Week is the week of October 7-11. Here are some of the ways learning centers are celebrating and recognizing their tutors and the work the do:

bulletHave a reception in the cafeteria or at a near-by restaurant.
bulletPut some goodies in the tutors’ mailboxes each day of the week.
bulletInvite faculty and staff who have supported the tutoring program to an end-of-the week party.
bulletHave blank “Thank You” notes available in the tutoring center for tutees to fill out and give to their tutors.
bulletOrder "National Tutoring Week" T-shirts for tutors and office staff
bulletDecorate the learning center with balloons.
bulletMake a “Celebrate National Tutoring Week" banners.
bulletHave a sign-in book for tutees to fill out with thank you messages.
bulletPut up flyers around school to let people know about the National Tutoring Week.
bulletDecorate the center's bulletin board with tutors' photos.
bulletGive each tutor a certificate of appreciation signed by the tutoring coordinator.
bulletPut out a bowl of candy for tutors and tutees.
bulletGive tutors a university mug filled with goodies and a note of appreciation.
bulletServe food treats through out the week: bagels, donuts, cookies, juice, lemonade, soft drinks, etc.
bulletHave a bowl with prizes written on them, and give everyone who comes in the chance to draw for something.
bulletPlan a pizza party.
bulletPost messages on campus faculty and staff lists asking them to thank any student tutors that they know.
bulletPlace an ad in the campus newspaper thanking tutors.
bulletPost an announcement on campus email encouraging student to take a moment to thank their tutors.
bulletHave snacks available each day so that everyone visiting the Centers can share in the celebration.
bulletAnnounce the week and feature tutors on the center’s web site.
bulletTake the tutors out for a movie.

Tip: It's a good idea to keep the celebration going throughout the week to make sure all tutors, including ones that come in one day a week, can participate.

Also, if your center does not have the funds for these activities, ask local business to sponsor the events.


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