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October 2002 Issue

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Student Study Skills Tips

By Robin York, Chemeketa Community College

Email: yorr@exchange.chemeketa.edu

Study Reading

With college classes in full swing across the country, students are finding that they will usually have to read, study and learn the information contained in five or more textbooks. This may seem an impossible task, however, it can be accomplished by employing any one of the following study reading system.

A very popular system is the Survey, Question, Read, and Record, Recite, and Review method (SQ4R). This system has been used in academia for over 40 years. The SOAR study formula is an acronym for Survey, Organize, Anticipate (test questions), Recite and Review. Note that in both of these systems, the survey step is included. The PQRST method; Preview, Question, Read, Summarize, and Test has many steps but the result of applying each technique will prove rewarding. PRWR is a more condensed system, but effective. The letters stand for Preview, Read, Write, and Review. All of these systems include a review step. Reviewing is an essential step for storage in long term memory and long term memory retrieval.

By using one of these study reading systems or by developing your own, you will be organizing your learning material in a meaningful way. And, if your material is organized in a meaningful way, it becomes easier to learn.

Don't get caught in the trap, "Oh, it takes too much time". The time you spend reading the material once and remembering it, will save you time because you will not have to re-read.

Apply a study reading system and watch those grades SOAR...........


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