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May 2002 Issue

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Management Strategies & Tips

By Frank L. Christ

Email: flchris@mindspring.com

Frank Christ PictureTip #21:  Building Staff Professionalism Through A Learning Support Center Professional Library

Even though your campus library has some learning support center related books and journals that are available to you and your staff,  every learning support center should have its own collection of books and journals for ready reference and professional development. In addition to books on  learning support centers, their programs and services, your library ought to contain books on management, personal development, technology, and general academic support. Here are five titles that you might consider to initiate  your center's professional library.  If accessible on the Internet,  the publisher's web site and  any book reviews are noted after each title.

Casazza, Martha E. and Sharon L. Silverman (1996). Learning assistance and developmental education: A Guide for Effective Practice. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Inc., Publishers.  

Publisher Summary:  http://www.luc.edu/depts/lac/book.htm


Christ, F. L., K. Smith, and R. Sheets (Eds.) (2000). Starting a learning assistance center: Conversations with CRLA members who have been there and done that. Clearwater, FL: H& H Publishing Company, Inc. 

Publisher Summary: http://www.hhpublishing.com/_professional/start_lrng_asst_ctr.html 

Book Review: http://www.pvc.maricopa.edu/~lsche/resources/booksnreviews/bnr_lrngspprt/monograph.html


Flippo, R. F. & D. Caverly (Editors). (2000). Handbook of college reading and study strategy research. Mahwah, N.J.: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. 

Publisher Web Site: http://www.erlbaum.com/ 

Book Review #1:  http://www.ccp.cc.pa.us/VPACAFF/DIVESS/view2/f01v3n1/frreview.htm

Book Review #2: http://www.netg.com/research/library/idbooks.asp#TOC10  

[Also see book review by Roseanna Almaee in this issue of the LCN]


Keimig, R.T. (1983.). Raising academic standards: A guide to learning improvement. AAHE/ERIC Education Research Report No. 4, Washington, D.C.: American Association for Higher Education.

Publisher Web Site: http://www.josseybass.com/cda/product/0,,0913317039,00.html

Book Summary: http://www.eriche.org/digests/ED284512.html


Maxwell, M. Improving student learning skills: A new edition  (1997). Clearwater, FL: H & H Publishing Company, INC. 

Publisher Summary: http://www.hhpublishing.com/_professional/isls.html

These books won't make a difference to a learning support center staff unless they are read and referred to frequently. A  manager who mentors his/her staff will keep track of book usage with a user card or loan list. He/she will ask a staff member to report on a book or a chapter from a book as a meeting agenda item. He/she will get staff involved in selecting other titles that might be useful. And, of course, the manager will have read all of the titles that are in the learning support center professional library.


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