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MS Word Tip

MS Word Tip logoBy Kathleen Riepe
Email: riepe@uwp.edu

Commenting Students Papers 


For four semesters, I have been using the Word Reviewing tool to insert comments in students' papers which are submitted electronically. I believe that students are more likely to revise and less likely to feel defensive about teacher comments on their papers.

To activate the Reviewing Tool


Click on View


Click on Toolbars


Click on Reviewing

Place cursor where ever you want to insert a comment, click on the yellow "insert comment" button. Usually on the left of the toolbar. Type away! When the student hovers the mouse over the yellow highlighting, your comments appear.

In order for the yellow highlighting to show up be sure "screen tips" is checked


Click on tools


Click on options


Click on view

Make sure the box by screen tips is checked


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