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December 2002 Issue

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National-Louis University

National-Louis University offers an online program for a Master degree in Developmental Studies.  The program will begin its cohort during the winter term, January 2003. Admission for this program should be completed in December, 2002. Additionally, a Professional Certificate in Developmental Studies (for those who already possess a Masters Degree) is available online for the Winter Term. The certificate is 18 semester hours vs. the full degree program which is 36 semester hours.

You can submit your application online at http://www.nl.edu/gradadmform.html

The program can be completed in18 months or less (for certificate seekers) and requires a personal computer for participation. Class is conducted via bulletin boards, conference rooms, e-mail, and moderated chat rooms soliciting in-depth discussions on weekly coursework. Included in the cost of tuition are the expenses of the residential (hotel and food).

The tuition cost for the Online Program is $524.00 per semester hour. National-Louis University is on the quarter system and each quarter is 10 weeks. Online students take 6 hours per quarter.

For more information contact Shante' S. Razor, Graduate Enrollment, College of Arts & Sciences at 800-443-5522 x3435


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