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April 2002 Issue

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Student Study Skills Tips

By Robin York, Chemeketa Community College

Email: yorr@exchange.chemeketa.edu

Optimizing Your Study Space

Your study space or place is very important. The study environment can
determine how effective your study hours are and how well your study time passes.

If the room is too noisy, your study time will not be productive. If the room is too hot or not properly lit, you may doze off. If a room is too cold, you may concentrate solely on keeping warm. It is vital that you choose a location that is comfortable for you.

Different students need different study spaces. You may need noise in the background or you may need absolute silence. If you have always studied with soft music, try studying without the music and see if your concentration improves. If you have always worked in quiet, try some music and see if it helps you. Choosing the best study environment can be challenging. Remember - you may have to try several environments before you find one that is effective for you! 


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